Fairfield Montessori School is situated in the residential area of Benedict Street in Glastonbury, Somerset. It is homed in two terraced houses, giving that homely feel that we strive for. Our large garden area has a variety of play equipment to encourage many different aspects of development. The children gain so much enjoyment from being able to explore and use our outdoor area and socialise with their peers and teachers. We use our outdoor area as much as possible, so spare clothes and wellies are a must!

We have four classes within Fairfield Montessori School which we have split according to the children’s ages.

The Kittens class is for children under 2 years. This is a cosy room located in the newer part of the building, with a self-contained soft play area. The Kittens class closely works alongside parents, in order to follow any routine, you may have in place. The Kittens are focusing on getting your child to be confident in separating from parents/ carers and encourage socialisation alongside peers. You will be kept up to date in real time with naps, bottles, nappy changes all uploaded on the FAMLY app for you to see.

The Hedgehogs class is for children aged 2-3 years, the Hedgehogs class offers a variety of physical equipment and apparatus. We try to instil a little more structure and routine into the days of the Hedgehogs class, whilst still offering lots of child led activities and outdoor activities. The Hedgehogs class promotes self-care and communication.

The Squirrel class is based upstairs, the Squirrels class is our 3-year-old room. We are focusing more on self-care, topic work and circle time activities. The Squirrels class is where most of the potty training happens within the setting, but this is of course dependent on each individual child. We will work alongside parents in assisting with potty training. The Squirrels class works on preparing the children ready for the pre-school Owls class.

The Owls is our pre-school class, the children in this group will be in their cohort year, focusing on preparing the children for their upcoming move to primary school. The Owls teachers will be working on ensuring each child is as ready as they can be for primary school. Which includes recognising and reciting numbers, recognising their name, forming letters from their name, participating in phonics work, shapes, colours, emotions, sharing and taking turns. Promoting independence in self-care, dressing and problem solving. We do lots of transitionary work with our Owls children, so they are as ready as they can be for Primary School. It is important to us that each child leaves Fairfield Montessori School with confidence and a passion for learning and exploring.

The ground floor of the school houses both school offices, the Kittens and Hedgehogs classes, which are , self contained and have nappy changing facilities, and our school kitchen.

The first floor consists of a Montessori Room, Squirrels and Owls classes with two bathrooms. Both the Montessori and Music Room home all related equipment and apparatus and are used everyday.

We offer school snacks at 10am and 3pm each day. We offer a variety of healthy snacks for the children to enjoy.
The Owls class offer a self-service snack time, to promote independence, choice and dexterity.

A Typical Day


We open from 8am, children can start arriving and go to their classroom to start some free play activities. From 9am the morning activities will start; the children have access to all the provisions available within the nursery. At 10am morning snack will be provided by Fairfield Montessori School, unless you wish to provide something yourselves from home. We strive for our snacks to be healthy and nutritious. The Owls class offer a self-service snack time. After snack the mid-morning activities will start, which could also be a visit out in the community, garden play, music session, topic work. Lunch time is 12pm, where the children have their lunch boxes from home. From 1pm afternoon activities will start until afternoon snack at 3pm. Between 4pm and 5pm, the children enjoy winding down activities ready to be collected to go home. We then close at 5pm, whereby the children are collected from downstairs or the garden.

In the warmer months, we spend as much time outside as possible, taking activities or snacks outside to be enjoyed.

Children’s sleep routines are followed as much as possible.

We try to have lots of diversity in the activities available for the children to enjoy and engage with, it is important that the children here at Fairfield Montessori School are able to experience things that they might not have access to, such as emergency service visits for safety week, cultural weeks, sports day and much more.